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WUXI YUANWEN GRAPHENE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD was founded in June 2017, the core team of the company set up a laboratory to study carbon nanomaterials in 2013. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development of diamond, graphene, fullerene, carbon nanotubes and other materials and equipment, and has won a number of professional awards, with a number of patents!

The main products of the company are: MPCVD machine (Diamond growing machine), green laser cutting machine, carbon nanotube film project, arc method graphene fullerene carbon nanotube Angle powder project, microwave power supply, single crystal diamond seed chip and other products.

Carbon nanomaterials

We produce graphene powder, fullerene powder, carbon nanotube powder, carbon nanoparticles powder, graphene conductive slurry, graphene conductive ink, graphene carbon nanotube conductive

slurry, carbon nanotube film with advanced technology.

Laboratory cultivation of diamonds

The synthetic diamonds mainly developed and produced by our company include diamond grade,

industrial grade and military grade; Different levels are used in different fields.


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